Today we were cataloging books from a recent donation of materials and came across a copy of an 1869 agricultural report. Not the most thrilling of titles.  Apparently the book’s original owners didn’t think much of it either as they apparently had no qualms tearing out pages and turning the book into a scrapbook to hold their own selection of newspaper clippings, song lyrics and sheet music.  The re-purposed book now has:

  • The lyrics to “Evangeline” with notes to play in 4/4 time and Key of D.Flat
  •  The sheet music for “Go Work in My Vineyard To-Day” with words and music by L.H. Dowling.
  • Letters from Brother T.F. Campbell on his journey around the U.S. in 1882.  Since the journey starts in Monmouth, its wasn’t too much of a stretch to match Brother T.F. Campbell up with Thomas Franklin Campbell, president of the Christian College, now Western Oregon University from 1869-1882.  As his biography states he resigned from the presidency of the college in 1881 after the death of his wife and went out as a touring preacher.  These letters back appear to be from this journey.  It’s interesting to note that the letter dated July 24, 1882, lists his touring party as “Sister A. M. Bedwell, Misses Mary Stump and Reubie Spiller, Prince and Myself.  The young folks are merry as larks, enjoying the present hour in anticipation of the sea-sickness as soon as they cross the bar.”  It is interesting to note that Campbell would marry Mary Stump in 1885.

The original owner of the scrapbook is not identified, although we do know the book was given to the Oregon State Library and became part of its Pioneer Books Collection.  The book is now in the Willamette Heritage Center’s Collection, 2012.019.0151.