David Duniway Papers

Creator: David Cushing Duniway (1912-1993)

Size: 22 Cubic Feet

Accession Number:  Willamette Heritage Center 1999.013

Scope and Content:
The David Duniway Papers collection at the Willamette Heritage Center includes materials collected by Duniway in his research and writings about Salem, Oregon and Marion County.  The papers collection contains manuscripts, diaries, personal and official correspondence; news articles by Duniway and other authors; significant businesses; notes, reviews and graphic materials.

The material in the Duniway collection spans a broad scope of time and subjects.  Materials are present from the late 1930s to the early 1990s, with the majority falling wihtin a late 1960 – mid-1980 range.

Materials are collected in folders by subject and organized alphabetically.

Biographical Information:
David Cushing Duniway, youngest grandson of Abigail Scott Duniway and great nephew of Harvey Scott, served as Oregon’s first and longest serving state archivist.  From 1946 to 1972 Duniway over saw the establishment and development of Oregon’s Archival System.

Born in 1912, Duniway, whose father was both historian and university president, spent time in a variety of schools including Mill Hill in England.  Eventually, eh graduated with an MA in History and a Library Certificate from U.C. Berkeley.  During these years he gained experience by working in the Bancroft Library and National Archives.  Following his graudation, Duniway was involved in war effort administration.

Moving to Salem in 1946, Duniway quickly set to work as state archivist and historian interested in Salem and Marion County.  He was a founding member of the Marion County Historical Society, assisted in establishing Mission Mill Museum, and helped direct the campaign to save and restore Deepwood.  Additionally, Duniway served on numerous councils and committees, which promoted both Salem’s and Marion County’s historical significance.  He untiringly labored to save historically significant structures and, though he met with some failures, his successes were numerous.

Duniway remained a prolific author throughout his life.  His “South Salem Past” and “What’s Past is Prologue” articles were a regular part of the local print media for years.  Furthermore, Duniway wrote several books on local history and people.  Additionally, he found time and energy to pen articles concerning archival development and material care while writing book reviews and collaborating with other authors.

Historian, archivist, executive director, past president, consultant, researcher, and entrepreneur were but a few of the roles David C. Duniway assumed during his life.  His work not only exists within these pages but also remain a part of the community at large.

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