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Hop Vine Scratch Newspaper, 1925

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Newspaper for Hops Pickers

The Hop Vine Scratch was a newspaper produced by the Health and Recreation Service of the Lake Brook Hops Ranch in Salem, Oregon.  The Willamette Heritage Center has a collection encompassing four editions of this paper during the picking season of 1925.  The numbering on these extant copies (Vol. 2, No.s 7, 11, 12, 13) suggest the paper was started in 1924 and published every other day during the short September picking season.  The mastheads of the extant versions declares that the paper was "Free to Hop Pickers."

Lake Brook Ranch

2010.034.0001 (2)

Postcard announcing the 1932 Hops Picking Season at Brook Lake Ranch north of Salem from the T.A. Livesley Company. Card is addressed to William Waing. WHC 2010.034.0001

A postcard announcing the 1932 hops picking season in the Heritage Center's collections (2010.034.0001) describes the Lake Brook Ranch as being "9 miles North of Salem, on the River Road."  The 1932 season, at least, was organized by Thomas Albert Livesley and Company.  During the time of the publication of the Hop Vine Scratch in the WHC Collections, Claude Settlemier was Ranch Superintendent and Mrs. G. A. Robinson and J.B. Crary were in charge of the Health and Recreation Department.

Digitized Hop Vine Scratch Issues from WHC Collections

Vol. 2, No. 7.  September 4, 1925

Issue Staff: Ruth Miller Rebecca Laughmiller Jim Matney Lena Baker Dorothy Laughmiller

Key Terms: Albina Aces Baseball Team -Henry Henkel, Mike Ragan, Albert Becker, George Bloom, Al Henkelman, Henry Steimetz, Lewis Henkel, Jake Miller, Grant Georgeson Salem YMCA Bill Lang Ladies Boxing Ida Doering Dorothy Johnson State Training School Band Bag Pipers Virginia Shannon J.W. Jones Rex Ryan Salem Fire Department James Matney, Frank Patterson, Terry Matney, Kola McClellan, L. Carpenter, Bill Keeney

Vol. 2, No. 11.  September 15, 1925

Issue Staff: Jim Matney Jack Kargman Ben Lentz

Key Terms: Grant Powers Granville Garnes John Gurett Wedding Movies Lost and Found Sunday School Pauline Patterson Pie Eating Contest Harmonica Contest Mike Ragan Baseball Slim Hassler J.B. Crary Ben Kimber YMCA Louis Carpenter

Vol. 2, No. 12.  September 17, 1925

Issue Staff: Jack Kargman Ben Lentz Ina Holm

Key Terms: Wienie Roast Wildwood Park Lost and Found Bill Land Leatha Handel Helen Turner C.A. Ryan Harmonica Contest Clarence Wilson Reugen McCall Pauline Patterson Dallas Baker Moore Music House Laura Kinsey Bernard Nash

Vol. 2, No. 13.  September 19, 1925

Issue Staff: None listed

Key Terms: Holmes Hop Yard Williams Yard Jack Kargman Boxing Terriers Dance Hilma Anderson Clarence Wilson Jerry Finnegan Dallas Baker Lena Baker Silas Smith J.B. Crary C.A. Ryan Laura Kenzy Otto Paulus Hop Yard Ball Helen Rich F.W. Jones Peggy Jones Andrew Kraley

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