Volume II, NSteamboat Claire on the Willamette River.  WHC: 0083.006.0017.024o. 2 of the Willamette Heritage Center’s historical journal Willamette Valley Voices has just come back from the printers.  This issue offers articles about waterways in the Mid-Willamette Valley.  Articles include:

  • Introduction  Wonder of Oregon Waters by Susan Lea Smith, Willamette University
  • Anema Dinibau (Kalapuya Canoes) Canoe Culture of the Kalapuya Tribe by David G. Lewis, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
  • “A Village of Some Pretention: Rediscovering the Original Orleans, Linn County, Oregon by Paul Baxter and Christopher L. Ruiz, University of Oregon and Patricia A. Benner, Stream Ecologist
  • Steamboat Travel and Disasters on Oregon Waterways Stories of Untimely Death and Survival by Ed Wilson, Oregon Maritime Museum
  • From Hot Springs to Heritage: A Cultural History of the Breitenbush Hot Springs by Travis J. Cook, Western Oregon University
  • Artifact spotlight: Willamette Valley Irrigated Lands brochure
  • Power and Columbia River Politics: The Theatrical Production of the Living Newspaper, Power, by the Oregon Unit of the Federal Theatre Project by Damond Morris, University of Oregon
  • The Best Laid Plans: A History of the Planning and Building of the Detroit Dam by Amy Vadegrift, Willamette Heritage Center
  • The Willamette River–Efforts to Improve the River’s Health Keep Flowing by Travis Williams, Willamette Riverkeeper
  • Presenting Waste and Remnants: Informing and Visualizing the Preservation of a Hidden History of the Willamette River by Rosalynn Rothstein, Folklorist
  • Book Review Willamette Landings: Ghost Towns of the River by Howard Corning by Peter M. Booth
  • In Their Own Words Clark Moor Will on the Salem Water Department History

Copies are on sale in the Willamette Heritage Center bookstore now.  A free PDF download from the Willamette Heritage Center website will be available soon:  https://www.willametteheritage.org/LaRC/publications.html.