Phez Advert 2011.027.0205Phez brand Loganberry juice was produced in Salem, Oregon and marketed as an alcohol substitute after prohibition laws were put into place in Salem (1913) and nationally (1919).

It appears as if the Pheasant Fruit Juice Company began the production of Phez juice.  The Pheasant Fruit Juice Company merged with rival loganberry juice producer, the Northwest Fruit Company in 1919.  The merged company also produced, Loju loganberry juice, Applju sparking cider and had the largest jam and jelly plant west of the Mississippi River.

This pamphlet is part of the Robert and Phyllis Elgin Collection.  2011.027.0205.

Date Company Name Address People Products Source
1915 Northwest Fruit Company 268 S. Commercial Kola Neis, F.T. Schmidt, F.G. Deckebach City Directory
1917 Pheasant Fruit Juice Company Trade St. SW Corner S High H.S. Gile, W.T. Jenks City Directory
1919 The Phez Co.Northwest Fruit Products Co.

The Pheasant Fruit Juice Co.



Loju and Applju attributed to NW Fruit Products Co., and Phez to the Pheasant Company Oregonian article Monday, August 4, 1919, page 3.
1921 The Phez Co. 268 S Commercial & South 14th Street opposite SP Passenger Depot C.M. Miall, W.L. Phillips City Directory
1921 The Phez Company Phez, Loju, Applju, Jam, Jelly Oregon Magazine
1924 NW Fruit Products Co. 268 S. Commercial City Directory
1926-27 NW Fruit Products Co. 268 S. Commercial City Directory
1930-31 NW Fruit Canning Co. City Directory