We here at the Willamette Heritage Center, like most historical organizations, have been in the collecting business for a long time.  Unfortunately, also like most historical organizations, this also means we have accumulated a very large backlog of unprocessed collections, materials that are here and secure, but have not be indexed or put into our collections database to help us find them.  So it is always exciting when we find a group of photos or documents and can get them processed so researchers can find them.  Today we came across a file of photos marked “1880s Photos.”  They were indeed a series of portraits from a variety of studios, including this portrait of Binger Herman.  A full list of today’s finds is included below.

We are also very fortunate to have intrepid volunteers like Sue Masse who can take a photo and name and cobble together an extremely interesting biography of its subject.  David Binger Herman (1843-1926) led an interesting life that spread out across the continent and led him on a path from educator to legislator.  You can read his story here: Binger Hermann Biography

X2011.015.0001 Portrait of bearded man; Smith, F.A. Oregon, Salem
X2011.015.0002 Sam Church Portrait of young man; California, San Francisco
X2011.015.0003 Portrait of bearded man; Hendee, D. E. Oregon, Portland
X2011.015.0004 John Henry Croisan 1888 Portrait of bearded man;
X2011.015.0005 Fulton Portrait of moustached man;
X2011.015.0006 T.M. Potter and Family Man, woman and baby; Stotz, C.C. Oklahoma, El Reno
X2011.015.0007 McElroy, Superintendent of Public Instruction Man with moustache, bald; Oregon, Salem
X2011.015.0008 S.M. Childers, Farmer Portrat of man, S. M. Childers; Perry, B. South Dakota, Chamberlain
X2011.015.0009 Mrs. S. M. Childers, Matron Portrait of woman, Mrs. S. M. Childers; Perry, B. South Dakota, Chamberlain
X2011.015.0010 Mrs. Woodcask, Corvallis Portrait of woman; back has pencil inscription “Compliments of Mrs. A . J Woodcask; Catterlin, F.J. Oregon, Salem
X2011.015.0011 F. J. McCormack, Clerk Portrait of man; Notman, William Washington, D.C.
X2011.015.0012 Portrait of bearded man;
X2011.015.0013 Dr. Johnson Portrait of seated man;
X2011.015.0014 Tom Tongue Portrait of man; Shuster, H.S. Oregon, Hillsboro
X2011.015.0015 Binger Herman Portraid of man Bishop
X2011.015.0016 Griffith Portrait of Man; Oregon, Salem
X2011.015.0017 Frank Wrightman Portrait of man; Oregon, Salem
X2011.015.0018 Free Pioneer Museum, Tillamook Photograph of the interior exhibit at the Pioneer Museum in Tillamook Christian
X2011.015.0019 Photograph of three young men standing around a table; all are wearing aprons and appear to be dissecting something; illustrations of human anatomy hang on walls;