Cover of the Prospect School Souvenir Book. WHC 2015.066.0431.

“Tis only a little remembrance…” the title page reads of the most adorable little school souvenir we recently cataloged from the Prospect School (2015.066.0431).  It’s true.  It is tiny, but it packs a load of information about the school.  In addition to little poems, the booklet contains photographs of the teacher and all the pupils, a listing of all students and their grade levels and all of the administrators during 1928.  All of this in a 5.5 x 3.5 cord-bound booklet.

True, the school wasn’t very big itself.  One teacher, 18 students, 7 grades in 1928.  The school board consisted of three member (William Neiman, Ralph Cartwright and Earl Hecker).  It is interesting to note that the children of these members made up over 20% of the student population.

Finding information about Prospect School is difficult.  We know it was Marion County School District 69, which was established June 4, 1866.  A small school was built in 1869 at the value of $70.  It looks like historically, the school averaged about 18-29 pupils since the 1870s.  It is conspicuously missing on the school district maps we have in the collections.  While we have other photos in the collections documenting the school, more research will be needed to locate it.

Prospect School pupils, 1928. WHC2015.066.0431

Prospect School pupils, 1928. WHC2015.066.0431