Salem Daily Record Index

The Salem Daily Record appears to have been a newspaper published from 1867-1868 in Salem, Oregon.  After finding a hand-written card catalog index to this publication in the Willamette Heritage Center collections (unfortunately just the index, not the actual papers), volunteer Sue Masse diligently created a digital index from these cards and completed additional research on the individuals referenced.  The resulting document includes a topical index to articles within the paper as well as a list of individuals mentioned and additional biographical information.

History of the Salem Daily Record

There has been some confusion about the dates of publication for the Salem Daily Record.  While most microfilm collections only have 1867-1868, we were contacted by an individual with a copy that was dated September 11, 1874.  This is supported by statements in other newspapers suggesting that the paper had a longer run.  An article titled “Indefatigable Worker” in the Corvallis Gazette-Times on 14 September 1877 states “The Salem Daily Record of last Thursday, has the following…”[1]

Ben Maxwell writes in a 1954 article that the Salem Daily record was founded by David Watson Craig, with the first edition appearing June 10, 1867.  He states that “subscribers paid the carrier 25 cents a week for this diurnal and were, perhaps, as conservative as it was restrained on style and composition.  Salem Daily Record survived as such until July 15, 1868 and then became a weekly.  Publication office was located in the Griswold block, then a three-story structure that stood until about 12 years ago on the site of Hogg Brothers’ store.”[2]  Maxwell goes on to note that the editor of the Salem Daily Record was S.A. Clarke.[3]  In the 1874 copy of the paper, Clarke is also listed as editor.

While we are still looking for more details it appears that the Salem Daily Record rain as a daily paper from 1867-1868.  At this point in time it shifted to a weekly operation until at least 1869.  A paper with the same name and editor (although not necessarily the same corporate structure) then reappears and operations from at least 1874-1878.[4]

[1] “Indefatigable Worker.” Corvallis Gazette-Times 14 September 1877, pg 3.

[2] Maxwell, Ben. “Noted Historian Edited Salem Record in 1867.”  Capital Journal 7 June 1954.

[3] Maxwell, Ben. “Noted Historian Edited Salem Record in 1867.”  Capital Journal 7 June 1954.

[4] This is supported by an article “Newspapers have limited life-span.” Oregon Statesman 15 Aug 1972, 34 which contains a listing of extant papers in the Salem area and timeline.

Using the Index

The index was originally created in OpenOffice.  You can access the full document here: Salem Daily Record Index.  **Please note that while the document will open in Microsoft Excel, the date function within the cells often will be replaced with the pound sign.**  OpenOffice is a free to access open source software that can be downloaded here.

Microfilm of the Salem Daily Record

The following locations have microfilm of the Salem Daily Record that can be accessed by the public.  To the WHC’s knowledge this publication has not yet been digitized by any major outlet.  We hope that this index will help individuals access content on the microfilm more easily.

Salem Public Library

*Note.  Microfilm readers are located on the bottom floor of the library.

University of Oregon

Oregon Historical Society

University of California, Berkeley

Yale University Library

Individuals Referenced

What follows is an alphabetical list of individuals referenced in the index.

Abbot Phimelia[sic]
Abel George
Abernathy [Abernethy] Henry
Adams S. C. [Sebastion C.] Elder
Adolph Samuel
Albert [John Henry] Mr.
Albert J.B. [J.H./John Henry]
Alexander Robert Dr.
Allen David
Anderson William
Anderson William [prob. William R.]
Anderson Wm. R. [William Robert]
Ankeney Alexander Postlewaite
Applegate [J. A.—Jesse Applegate]
Applegate I. [Ivan Decatur]
Aubert Hattie Miss
Baker John
Barker W. S. [William S.]
Barlow [Andrew J] Mr.
Barman Bros.
Barter [Barker?] Catherine Mrs.
Bass [Samuel]
Bass Sam L. [Samuel]
Bell J. C. [John Colgate]
Bell N. M.
Belt [Alfred Metcalf] Dr.
Belt [Nancy Ward] Mrs.
Belt T. W. [Thomas Ward] [son]
Bennett Charles
Benson [Henry Clarke] Dr.
Berry John
Berry John [C.]
Berry M. P. Major
Bianchi Signor
Bixby Anna
Blackerby T. R. [Thomas Richard]
Bonny [Bonney] Freeman [prob. Benjamin F.]
Boon Henry D
Boon John Daniel
Booth A R Mr.
Booth Jennie
Bradenshaw Thos.
Breyman Eugene
Bristow E. L. [ Elijah Lafayette]
Brooks [Quincy Adams]
Brooks Sam L. Mr.
Brown Dorville
Brown J. C. [James Charles]
Brown J. Henry [Joseph OR John Henry]
Brown James
Brown John
Browning O. H. [Orville Hickman] Hon.
Bryant Wm. [William]
Burns James
Byington Albert L.
Byington Arthur L
C—— Nettie
Canterbury [Geo W.] Dr.
Carey Elias
Carpenter [Horace] Dr.
Carpenter H. [Horace]
Cartwright C. M. [Charles Morrison]
Chapman Wiley City Marshal
Childs [John]
Clark Daniel
Clark George
Clark J. E.
Clark[e?] Hattie
Clark[e?] Minnie
Clarke S. A. [Samuel Asahel ]
Coe Charles
Coe Henry
Colbath E. J. [Elijah Jackson]
Colbath E. J. Elijah Jackson]
Colbath family William A; James H; Benjamin B; born before 1868
Cole David
Collins [George]
Commerford [Comerford] [J. A.] Mr.
Condon Thomas Rev.
Congle Chas. W.
Congle [Cogle] Chas. W.
Cook E.
Cook Joel B. [Joel Beckwith]
Cook E. [prob James E.]
Cooke E. N.
Cooper Frank
Corbett [Henry Winslow] Senator
Cornelius Abner
Cornelius George E.
Cornell Frank
Cornell Matilda
Cosgrove Michael
Cox M. R. [Milton R.]
Cox T. H. [Thomas H.]
Craft Charles Mr.
Craig D. W. [David Watson]
Crandall [Warner G.]
Crane [C.]
Cranston Edward P. Sr.
Cranston G. W. [George William]
Crawford [Ronald C.] Deputy US Revenue Collector
Croasman A. B. [Allen Bookheimer]
Cross [Thomas]
Cross Thos.
Crump [James T.]
Curry [Currey] [George Byron] Colonel
Daly John
Daniels A. C. Mr.
Davidson James
Dearborn R. H. [Richard H.]
Deiniger [Christian Frederick] Rev.
Delamater Wm. [Willliam F.]
Delaney Jno.
Delaney Mrs. Jno.
Dickinson [Obed] Rev.
Dickinson O. [Obed] Rev.
Diffenbach W. B. Dr.
Doane —-ville [Orville]
Dodd Chas. H.
Dodge [corrected from Todd] D.  [A. D. Dodge most closely fits]
Donahue Theodore
Drake B. F.
Dryer T. J. [Thomas J.]
Dunbar [daughter] [2 daughters known, Eliza and Emily]
Dunbar Rice
Durbin S. [Solomon]
Dyar L. S. [Leroy Sunderland] Postmaster
Eades Geo. A. [George Alfred]
Eans [aka Eanes, Egan] Richard
Earhart [Rockingham “Rockey” Preston]
Eels Mr.
Ekin Richard H.
Fiske [Eugene R.] Dr.
Fo—– [could be Florence Forsythe]
Forsythe John
Frady William
Francis A. L.
Fulkerson [James M] Mr.
G— [Gilbert] Emma
Gaines John Pollard
Gault D M C [Daniel McLain C. ]
Geer [Joseph Carey, Sr.] Mr.
Gies Charley
Gilbert Frank
Gilbert J. W. [John Wesley]
Gilbert John W.
Gill J. K. [Joseph Kaye]
Gill Mark Willson
Gillette Mr.
Gleason Maurice J
Gray G, W, [George Washington]
Gray G.W. [George W.]
Greenwood William
Griffin I. N. [Isaac Newton]
Grubbs F. H. [Francis Herron] Prof.
Ha—- John
Hamilton Ad
Hamilton Jno. T.
Hamilton Preston
Hanna [aka Hannah] A. J. [Joseph A.] Rev.
Hannah [aka Hanna] A. J. [Joseph A.] Rev.
Harding Eliza [Cox] Mrs.
Harvey Amos Elder
Harvey Daniel Esq.
Hawkins [John S.] Sr.
Hays [aka Hayes] T. W. [Thos. W.]
Headrick Sam [Samuel]
Hendershott John
Hendricks [Hendrick] Marion P [Marion Bird]
Hentschel [Fred] Mr.
Hicks Robert Henry
Hiltabidel W. J.
Hirsch L. [Leopold] Esq.
Hoberg [Joseph] [Rev.]
Hoderness Theresa
Holman George P [George Phelps]
Holman John
Holman Mr.
Holmes T J [Thomas J.] Mayor
Holmes T. J. [Thomas J.] Mayor [of Portland]
Howell [Rodgers] J. H. [Fiducia] Mrs.
Hoyt F. S. [Francis Southtack] Rev.
Huntington [John Webster Perit] Mr. [Supt. Of Indian Affairs 1864—1869]
Huntington Mr.
I. R. [Isaac Ross] Moores, Jr.
Irving William
James [Samuel] Mr.
—son [Jefferson] Julia
Jeffrey Ellen
Johnson H. C.
Johnson Julia A. Miss
Johnson P. [Paul]
Johnson W. C. [William Carey]
Jones F. P.
Jones George H
Jory H. S. [Hugh Stephen]
Joselyn E. S. [Edward S.]
Keeler J. M. Captain
Kelly William Captain
Kelly Willliam Captain
Kendall Albert
Killam Leonard
Kinchloe [Kincheloe, etc] [Julius] Lt. [or Capt.]
Kinchloe [Kincheloe] [Julius] Lt.
Kinkade John L.
Ladd J. W.
Ladd W. S. [William Sargent Esq.
Lance [John W. or some sources say Jacob W.] Mr.
Leasure Angeline
Leslie [Lesley] George
Liggett Joseph Sheriff
Lindsey George W.
Lindsey [aka Linsey, Lindsay] George W
Lingo M. B. [Marion B.] Dr.
Lobdell Samuel Anderson
Locey Addie [Adelaide Beulah] Mrs.
Locy B. Addie [Adda B.]
Logan Hugh Dr.
Lucas Nellie
Lucas Nelly
Lyman Horace Rev.
Lyts W. D. [William D.]
Mallory Rufus Hon.
Mann Jacob
Martin [Andrew]
Martin J. M.
Martin James Mr.
Mason Benjamin
Mason Benjamin [F]
Mason Ira Mr.
May [Samuel E.] [Secretary of State]
May Ada E.
McCalley [Andrew] Mr.
McCalley Andrew
McCally [McCalley] [Sallie V] Mrs.
McCauley —ert [Albert]
McCauley S. D. [Samuel Douglas] Dr.
McClane G. T. [George Francis]
McCormick S J
McCully —-nie [Linnie]
McCully David
McCully John
McCully [William Hamilton]
McCurdy [James D.] Dr.
McDonald Harley
McDonald James A.
McWhorter Alva
McWhorter Alva [James Alva]
Mellen Mr.
Merwin Edwin
Meyer M
Meyer William
[Miguel] [Frank] shooter
Miller D. A. [David]
Miller J. K.
Miller John
Miller John F. Esq,
Minser [aka Metzger, aka Manson] Wm. H. [William Henry] Pvt. [1st Reg Oregon Infantry, Co. K)
Moody Malcolm Master
Moore Mrs.
Morgan E. S.
Morris David
Mulford [Charles R.]
Myers A. Rev.
Myers Arnold
Nesmith [James Willis] Sen.
Newman [T. B.]
Newman T. B. [Thomas B.]
Nichols Jno.
Nichols William
Nicklin A. I. [Arthur Ingram]
Nicklin Kate [Kate H.]
Nines [Nine] John [John B.]
no names given
Noltner A. [Anthony]
Northcutt J. E. [Edward J.]
O’Connor [Thomas] Deputy Marshal
Otis Daniel
Owens Elizabeth Mrs.
Parker Sam [Samuel]
Parmenter C. M. [Charles Moris sic]
Parris W. E. [William Elmer]
Parrish [Normon O.]
Parrish Mrs. W.W. [maybe!]
Parrish N. O. [Norman O.]
Parrish [Winn] [Elizabeth] Mrs.
Patterson [William Willis]
Patton [William T.]
Patton T. McF. [Thomas McFadden]
Patty [William Rooker] Rev. [Methodist]
Payne “father”
Payne “father” [Aaron]
Pettys [Petteys] A. C. (Amanuel Carrol)
Pettys [Petteys]
Phelps Mrs.
Pierce —zen
Pierce [Pearce] John
Plummer Dr.
Pope W. H. [William H.]
Powell Henry
Pringle O. M. [Octavious Mathano]
Pyle Jas. [James] M.
Ramsey [John V.]
Rand [William M.] Lieut.
Raudner J. N.
Reasoner [nee Locey] Addie
Rector Ada [Adrienne]
Rector W. H. [Ann (Perkins)] Mrs.
Reed C. A. [Cyrus Adam]
Renfrew [Alexander McGowan] Dr.
Renfrew A. Dr.
Rice Dr.
Rickey Bliss
Riddell Geo. H.
Riggs D. L. [Daniel Lindley]
Riggs D. L. [Daniel] Mr.
Rudevault Mr.
Rutjes [A. J.] [Adolph J.] Prof.
Scales Rachel Miss
Schuster [Charles]
Schwatka A. C. [Augustus C.]
Schwatka Fred [Frederick Gustavus, Jr] Lieut.
Scott [Lyman Samuel]
Scott Albert
Scott S. [Samuel Thomas]
Scott T. S.
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Fielding Bishop
Shattuck [Erasmus D.] Judge
Skiff [Lansing Stephen] Dr.
Skinner [Alonzo A.] Judge
Sloat E. D. Com. [Commodore]
Small several attended WU: Hattie, Emma, Emily & R. S.
Smith C. H.
Smith Delazon Senator
Smith Homer
Smith J. W.
Smith Dr.
Southwell Benjamin
Southwell John
Southwell Joseph
Sparks [Richard] Mr.
Sprenger (aka Springer) J. B. [Jacob Bird; sometimes “Isaac”]
Stalcup [Stallcop, Stallcope, Steelcup] Elias
Stallcup Elias
Stanton A. J. [see notes] Mrs.
Stanton Billy [William G.]
Staples [George] Capt.
Staples [Katherine Perine]
Starkey [John Lewis]
Starkey J. L. [John Lewis]
Stewart G. W. [George Washington]
Stinson A. L. [Ashby L.]
Strang B. [Benjamin]
Strang Daniel
Stratton M. A. [Milton Adams]
Strong Geo. E
Stroud Geo. M. [George McDonald]
Sullivan P. C.
Swartz Harriet Amelia
Swegle Charley [Charles W.]
Tanner Emma Miss
Taylor John
Teanamad aka: Paulina Chief
Terry Chester N.
Tharpe L. R.
Thompson H Y
Thompson Hugh
Tichnel [aka Titchenal] Malinda M. [Townsend] Mrs.
Tichnell [aka Titchenal] son [W.]
Tollman [Tolman] J. C. [James Clark] Judge
Towl E. D. [Edgar Daniel] Jr
Townsend [George F.] Officer
Turney Maggie
Uhler E. E.
Upton J. H. [Jonas Hill]
Uzafovage Charles
Van Wagner Geo G. [George Garwood]
W. Judge
Wade W. L.
Waite E. M. [Edward M.]
Waldo Daniel
Wanless Francis Asbury
Ward Jesse
Warriner [William C.] Dr.
Watkinds W. H. [William Henry]
Watkinds [sic] W. H. [William Henry]
Watkins [Watkinds] [William H.]
Way Jonathan H. [Hodson]
West William
Westacott Lewis
Whitcomb [Levi] Sheriff
Whittemore S. [Samuel] M. D.
Wilder J. L. [Joseph L.]
Will & Adams Store
Williams — [Emmett]
Williamson [Robert S.] Col. [Lt. Col.]
Willis P. L. [Parish Lovejoy]
Willson Chloe Aurelia (Clark)
Willson Kate
Wilson [W. H.] Dr.
Wilson J. H. [John Henderson] Mr.
Wing Abraham
Wing Harris [Harris Levi]
Winston Mrs. Henry
Witten [Joshua Ewing]
Woodberry [Woodbury] S. R. [Samuel Reed]
Woodward [Woodworth] John A. Mr.
Woodworth C. S. [Cyrus Solender] Mr,
Woodworth [Woodward] John A. Mr.
Wortley J. T. [T. James]
Wortley James T.
Wright John G.
Wythe [Joseph] Dr. [& Rev.]
Yeaton [Cyrus F.]
Yocom [Yocum] —ca [Rebecca]
Zieber Jno. General

Subjects Mentioned

The subjects of articles within the index provide a delightful array of information about life and the area in the 1860s.

A Broken Girth
a little hero
A New Locomotive
about town
acquitted of perjury
Adv. Mare & tack stolen; at Ashland
agent for Salem Daily record
Agriculture, Oregon products
Albany, new bldgs
Albert Scott Dies
Almost a Fire
Almost a Fracture
Animals running at large-penalties
arson fire, Durbins Stables
Ashland Woolen Mill
Attorney, insurance
ballot box
ballot box; Oregon maple
Baptisms, Evangelical Church
barber heard from
Barman & Bros move to Brey’s on Commercial
Barman & Bros. Furniture
Barn burned
Baseball game
Baseball; A Game Place
Beer; letter from Dallas
Bennett House
Best Currant Wine
big ox
Bishop Scott died of yellow fever
Black Morello cherries
bldg changed hands
body Found
Brickyard, Polk County
broken saddle girth
Brown’s Wagon Shop
Burnt District
Butte Creek
Capital Engine Company
Capital Engine Company drill
Capital Hotel
Capital Lumber Co. details of sale
Capital Sash Factory & Cabinet Shop
Capitol Hotel
Capt. Kelly, mules, horses
Captial City Chronicle
Cauliflower, vegetables
Census, Salem
Census, US
Charged it to the Weather
Chignon (Hair)
Chignon hairstyle is heavy
Childrens Aid Society
Christian Church
Cigar & Tobacco Store
Circuit court
City Council Meeting
City recorder resigns
Coal in Salem
Col. Curry has returnd from Tillamook
Command described
Commercial Street
Committed—charged with murder
Congregational Church gets new fence
Letter Boxes
Cooper’s Coal
copper smelting
Couple from Yamhill rushed to Vancover to be married
Cox & Hamilton Grocery
Cranston’s Groceries
Cranston’s Groceries and Provisions
dangers to Salem men
death by accident
Death of Bishop Scott
death, erysipelas
Died from Injuries
dog collars
Dry Goods
dull time
Dull times in Oregon City
Durbin Fire Site
Durbin’s Carriage
dwelling fire
Early Tilden Tomato
Editorial “Fast Young Men”
editorial comment
elk hunt on his 2000 acres
engaged services
engaged services of  Raudner
fatal accident
Fireman’s Ball
First Baptist files incorporation papers
Flax culture
Flax seed for the new mill
Franklin Bookstore
Freight Shipped by Uzafovage and Wright
fruit drying
Ft. Simcoe, wandering Indians
G.W. Gray & Co.
gold at Hensley’s Ranch
Gold, minting
Good Templars 200 lodges in Oregon
Good Templars new lodge in Scio
Good Templars new officers
Grand Ronde, Oregon City, Indians
Green Store, No. Salem
grizzly bear
Grocers Allen & Martin
Headquarters Stove Store
Hooker strawberries 4.5”–5” in circum.
hop culture profitable
horse thief
House & Lot for Sale
house fire
Ice Caves, Mt. St. Helens
Idaho Immigrants
Idaho Territory
Idaho, Indians
important decision
Indian attack, no one killed
Indians attack at Burnt River
Indians escaped from Siletz
Indians in Idaho
Indians in Josephine County
Indians to Siletz
Indians, dress, Salem
Indians, Grande Ronde
Indians, Paulina’s death
Indians, penitentiary
Indians, Siletz Agency
invention, wood sawing
Irving & Myers; dissolution
Jackson County
Jones the Jeweler
judged hopelessly insane
Klamath, Indians, killed by snakes
Large Shipment of Wool
Last day of Grace for Revenue
late rains spoil fruit crop
Letter from Dallas
Letter from Dallas, Good Templars
lime from Butte Creek
limestone quarry
linseed oil mill
List of freight shipped
List of letters held at Salem Post Office
Lives & Por-traits of the Pres.
Look about town
Lost: black & white enameled gold button
Lost: ladies  portmanteau
Mare & tack stolen
mare killed in fire
Marion County Circuit Court Cases
Marion County Hospital
Marion County Medical Society
Marion County Medical Society Meeting
Marion County Teachers’ Association
Marion Square; beauty, vandalism
Marion Square; Mrs. Willson’s suit
Marion square; new fence
Marion Square; suit against city
medical card
Mill Creek
Millinery store
mining, Canyon City
mining, salt
mining; salt
mining; South Pass
Mixed Democracy; Scio & Missouri
Moore (Brwnsville) and Blake in buggy accident in Albany
Morgan, Scott & Co.
MR Cox & Company
Mt. Adams trip
Mt. Hood height
Mt. Hood trip
Music teacher
NAM Life Insurance agent
New & remodelling Salem Buildings
New & remodelling Salem Buildings; Starkey’s Block
New Brick Block
New Brick Church
New Houses
new machine shop
new office
New roads
Newman & Crump sold meat business
Nicklin & Co., dry goods
No New Clothes Burned
Northern Railroad
Old Fogies
Old Fogies vs. Young America
Old Holman House
Old Soldiers
Old Stove Store
Oldest Furniture Store in Salem
Omnibus ride
opened store
Oregon Central Railroad
Oregon City Congregational Church
Oregon City factory
Oregon City Woolen Mills
Oregon hops, star brewery
Oregon Hops, Westecatt, Star Brewery
Oregon in California Markets
Oregon Iron Works
Oregon Love Story
Oregon Love Story (sequel)
Oregon made buggies
Oregon Reapers
Oregon salt
Oregon Seeds in California
Oregon Volunteer Infantry
Organ Harmonium
Pacific University
Parrish & Yeaton moved to Scott & Co.
passengers to California
patronizes home dealers
peaches, Rareripe
People’s Transportation Co.
Pettys & Lobdell, Photographers
Phoenix agent
Pioneer Oil Co.
Pioneer Washer
pocket book found
Polk County building
Postmasters appointed
Postmasters appointed; Independence, Polk Co.
Postmasters appointed; Owego, Clackamas County
Postmasters appointed; Tillamook Co.
Postmasters appointed; Waconda, Marion Co.
Postmasters appointed; Wheatland, Yamhill CO.
Postmasters appointed; Yamhill Co.
Potatoes for Albany
Premier Sawmill, Yaquina
Presbyterian Union of the Churches
prisoner captured
prize steer
Prof. Rutjes
Public Squares
purchased sawmill in so. Salem
railroad to Yaquina
railroad; uses of cowcatcher
Ramsey’s Blacksmith Shop
Record came out as stage was leaving; caught up with it in Bellepassi
Resolutions of Condolence
returned from Mt. Hood trip
returned with new goods
returns from Montana
Reward $50
Ripe tomatoes
Rogue River
Roll of honor for the [Aca]demical dept
Route to Coast
runaway horses Albany, Brownsville
Russian America
Sale of Old Penitentiary
Salem baseball match
Salem Breweries
Salem Breweries, Starr Brewery
Salem Buildings; N. O. Parrish, Starkey’s Block, Durbin’s stable, Watkinds & Co.; street commissioner Miller
Salem Buildings; Parrish, Durbin, Gray, brick church, long bridge over Mill Creek, fence around Marion Square
Salem Cemetery
Salem city auctioneer
Salem City Ordinances updates
Salem Daily Record
Salem Daily Record “About Our Success”
Salem doctors
Salem dog law
Salem Flouring Mill
Salem Fourth of July celebration
Salem Fourth of July editorial
Salem livery
Salem merchant; stove store
Salem Merchants
Salem, bridge
Salmon in cans
salmon in cans 100,000 also 3000 barrels of salmon
San Francisco Markets
Sand for plaster
Santiam Quartz
sawmill burned
Scene at the Opera
School Lands Sale
Scio camp meeting (revival)
Scio Camp Meeting disturbances
Scio Camp Meeting disturbances by Salem “young bloods”
Scio Lodge 39 AF&AM; also Good Templars
Scio Masonic Lodge No. 39
Scio—further disturbances
Scio, descriotion, Masonic installation
Scio, description & comment
scuffle, injury
Shade Trees “City of Maples”
Sheep; letter from Dallas
Shooting Affray at Suislaw
Shooting Affray in Idaho
Shooting Affray in Portland
silver in Montana
Skeleton found
Snag Pulling
Social Party
son broke leg
South Salem Machine Shop
Spencer’s Butte
Spooner Family
Spring lancet found
Sprinkler Truck
St. Helens
St. Paul’s in mourning for Bishop Scott
Starkey’s Changed Hands
State Fair
Steamboat Accident “Echo”
Steamer “Active”
Steamer Active Sunk
stolen mare
stolen mare returned home of own accord
Strawberries and Peas in City Gardens
Sullivan & Applegate  adv
surgical instruments found
Surgical operations
survey party lost
Surveyor’s Report
team drowned
Telegraph Line
The Highlands of Scotland
The Long Bridge
The Pioneer Store
Theives About—exercise caution
Three men Drowned
To Prospect the Cascades
Tornado at Cowlitz
tour of Oregon
trip to mountains
Trot at the Fairgrounds
two horses missing
Umatilla Reservation
Value of Town Property
VanWagner & Co.
View from the Cupola
Wagon road to great salt chuck
Walla Walla items
Washington Terr. Items
Webber Reaper
Weekly Record to commence as soon as press & materials arrive
well digger
Well Digging
West Point
Western Hotel
Wharf Boat Sold
wife died horribly
wild fire
Wool from the Rogue River
Wool Shipped
work at site of Durbin’s stable fire
Worlds Fair
WU Alumni
WU annual meeting
WU Commencement  Exercises
WU Commencement  Exercises graduates listed
WU Commencement Music
WU Hesperian Society
WU Library request Missing Books be returned
WU Medical College supper given by faculty
WU New Building
WU Presidency
WU President appointed
WU President Resigned