Corner of State and High Streets looking to the northeast

In looking at this image of the Marion County Courthouse today, our volunteer Bob Tompkins pointed out some interesting features.

The foundations you can see in the bottom left corner, are the beginnings of the Masonic building, that is still stands downtown at the NW corner of State and High Streets.***Note — A good case has been made that instead of foundations for the Masonic building, the image may really predate the construction and show a paddock used by stables located at that corner.  See the discussion here.***

He also mentioned that there were underground toilets on the NE corner of this intersection, where the curving path meets the sidewalk in the picture.  These public toilets (which were also remembered by two other volunteers) were accessed by stairways that split off from the sidewalk and were demarcated by a couple of guardrails.  They were flush toilets with a cement floor that were vented through a round, tower-like structure that was visible from the street level.

There were a few things our volunteers weren’t so sure about.  They couldn’t remember if there were separate women’s and men’s facilities, but definitely think there could have been two toilets, maybe on separate corners.  Also, they weren’t sure when it was built, but the general consensus was that it was probably after WWII, or maybe even as early as a Great Depression WPA project, and it was filled in probably in the late 1940s.