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The Wise Sow, 1890

The Wise Sow, 1890

X20120160006The following article was found by our volunteer George in a newspaper clipping saved by Al Jones.  We all got a laugh out of it.  It was printed in a local paper (probably the Oregon Statesman/Capital Journal/or Willamette Farmer) on February 7, 1890.

A WISE SOW — Down in Mission bottom they have a very wise sow.  The sow belongs to Alex. Lafollett.  When the flood came up she made a bee line for Ben Jones’ house.  The doors on the lower floor had been left open to let the water in, and so the sow walked into the parlor, went up stairs, and crawled into bed.  when the men went to Mrs. Jones’ house they found the sow and tried to drive her out, but she would not go.  She had too good a thing, and she didn’t propose to go out and get drowned.  At last report the sow had possession.

Photo source: WHC X2012.016.0006. Cropped.  Alex M. Lafollette, owner of the sow in the article above.

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  1. BrantleyNewton March 19, 2014 at 6:39 pm - Reply

    Oh man. 24-hour cable news could have milked this story for a week and a half. “Deadly stand off between brilliant swine and law enforcement.” Subtitle: “Homeowners’ desperate plea: Please don’t wet the bed!”

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