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WHC Board of Directors

Willamette Heritage Center Board of Directors

The Willamette Heritage Center Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated group Mid-Willamette Valley residents committed to preserving and interpreting the history of our region.


President: Dr. Jennifer Jopp

Secretary: Rich Davis

Past President: Ted Stang

Dorald Stoltz

The WHC Board oversees all governance, policy formulation, fiscal management, strategic planning and fundraising for the organization.


Ed Austin, Michael Carrick, Tom Glass, Lola Hackett, Raquel Moore-Green, John B. Scott, Sam Sears, Rebecca Purvine Sterup, Aaron Terpening, Bob Tom, Jeff Walton, and Leslie Coleman Zeigen

To learn more about the Willamette Heritage Center and Board of Directors objectives, read through our Strategic Plan. To get involved in our organization, visit our Support Us page to find ways to volunteer, become a member, donate, and more. Thank you for playing a key role in connecting generations in the Mid-Willamette Valley!