Classroom Resources



The Willamette Heritage Center has developed a series of curricula for teachers that can be implemented in the classroom.  Check out the links lesson plans and more in the links below.


flipgrid logoConnect with us on Flipgrid!  Flipgrid is an interactive, online education space.  Join the discussion on our public grid or use our lessons in your own classes.  We’ve added lesson templates to the Disco Library.

Kids in the Archives

  • Introduction: Finding kids in our archival collections.  How objects tell a story.
  • Leona Fast, 1936: A look at life inside the Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital.
  • Haruko Tsukamoto, 1942: Story of one girl’s experiences during the forced removal of people of Japanese ancestry during WWII.

Social Distancing Learning Resources

We’ve developed a variety of online learning experiences that may be adaptable to the classroom, including walking tours, Pinterest boards and “how-to” video series.  Learn more here.