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Bella Hill Shopping at Willamette Heritage Center and Mission Mill


Celebrating past and present with unique antiques and collectibles for the home and garden.


Teasalwik Wools at Willamette Heritage Center and Mission Mill


Carrying a wide variety of yarn and knitting supplies.





Serving Museums, Corporations and Individuals
with Award-Winning Photography, Publications and Curated Installations

In addition to traditional portraiture and commercial photography, award-winning photographer, Frank Barnett and Martha Solomon provide a wide range of additional services including vintage photo restoration, fine art reproduction for artists and estates, and artistic interpretations that transform photography into painterly art.

Frank Barnett Photography offers archival printing on a variety of substrates including fine art papers, canvas, artists’ wood panels and aluminum. The gallery also features custom framing onsite.

Barnett and Solomon’s next curated installation, The All American Toy Co. – An Oregon Original, is scheduled to open September 13, 2019, at the Oregon Historical Society Museum in Portland.


Hours: Monday through Saturday by appointment

(503) 467-6602 or (503) 880-1300

Max Marbles, Bookbinder at Willamette Heritage Center at the Mission Mill


Offers book, paper and oil painting restoration. Trained in England and serving Salem from the same location at Mission Mill for 27 years, Max Marbles/Bookbinder’s attention to detail will ensure the proper care for your precious family heirlooms and objet d’art.