2019 Fall Gala & Heritage Awards
“Bootlegger’s Ball at the Heritage Hideaway”
Friday, October 18, 2019 ● 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Get on your glad rags, and don’t forget your dancing shoes, because we’re sneaking off to the Heritage Hideaway! We will spend the evening celebrating Mid-Valley history with a delicious catered dinner, drinks, live music, a live auction, and the presentation of the Heritage Awards to individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to historic preservation and interpretation.

This year’s fundraising event features a nod to the Prohibition era, bootlegging, and speakeasies because 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 18th Amendment. That amendment paved the way for 13 years of Prohibition in the United States. Those laws prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol – but they didn’t stop the infamous people who found creative ways around them.

In light of the history of prohibition, we’re going to party like it’s 1919 – ‘cause you won’t be able to drink in 1920! But don’t get the heebie-jeebies – we won’t razz you for skipping the hooch. There will be plenty of fun for teetotalers and giggle-water drinkers alike!

Would you like to become a sponsor for this event?

Contact Michelle Cordova, by email at michellec@willametteheritage.org, or by phone at 503.585.7012 x228.

Photos from the 2019 Fall Gala & Heritage Awards: Bootlegger’s Ball at the Heritage Hideaway

2019 Heritage Award Winners

Heritage Center Service Award — Oregon Quilt Documentation Project Volunteers, accepted by (from left) Renee Miller, Eileen Fitzsimons, Amy Hancock, and Janis Pearson

Heritage Education Award — Capitol History Gateway Program, accepted by (from left) Juliene Popinga, Stacy Nalley, and Lisa Van

Heritage Enterprise Award — Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service, accepted by Tom Golden, Jr.

The Heritage Awards

The Willamette Heritage Center Annual Heritage Awards honored and recognize leaders and organizations who have significantly contributed to the preservation of the community’s heritage. Awards are presented in four areas.

The categories are:

David Duniway Historian Award:
This honor combines MMM Lifetime Historian Award and MCHS David Duniway Award for Historic Preservation, the two oldest, continuously bestowed awards given by both organizations. It recognizes distinguished and long-term contributions by an individual or organization to the public understanding and appreciation of the cultural history of the community and the Willamette Valley through teaching, writing, research, or historic preservation. Named for the founding MCHS president and MMM founding member David Duniway.

2018: Steve Chambers
2017: Barbara Mahoney
2016: Scott McArthur
2015: Gwen Carr

Other past winners include:
Susan Bell and Robert Speckman, Willamette Valley Genealogical Society, Sons of Labish, Virginia Green (SHINE Network, the Aumsville Historical Society), Aumsville Historical Society, David Duniway, Ruth McBride Powers, Cecil Edwards, Mary E. Eyre, Alfred C. Jones, Elisabeth Walton Potter, Adele L. Egan, Meyer Memorial Trust, Ralph Schlegel, Alfred C. Jones, Robert Humphreys, Maynard C. Drawson, Robert L. Tompkins, Roger & Bonnie Hull, David Weiss, David Birch, Bill Lucas, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, John & Charlotte Hook, Salem Electric, Kyle Jansson, Mark Hatfield, Michael Carrick, Panther Plus Afterschool Program at Aumsville Elementary School, Ross Sutherland, Oregon Northwest Black Pioneers Hazel Patton, James Hamrick, Virginia Green, Thomas Benton Kay III.

Heritage Education Award:
This award recognizes programs, projects and other endeavors which have provided high quality history-focused educational opportunities to area residents for any age group or a wide range of age groups.

2017: Salem Art Association
2016: Elaine Butler, Philip Foster Farms
2015: Antique Powerland
2014: Stephanie Flora

Other past winners include:
Friends of Historic Champoeg, The Marion County and Polk County Cemetery Websites, Lee Pelton (Willamette University), Dr. Sarah L Sterling Portland State University, A.C. Gilbert Discovery Village, Salem Public Library, Cultural Resources Program of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, Oregon Cultural Trust, Marion County Historical Society, Dick Hohnbaum, Oregon Heritage Commission

Heritage Enterprise Award:
This award recognizes a business enterprise which has made significant long-term contribution to the economy and quality of life of the community.

2018: Fitts Seafood
2017: Court Street Dairy Lunch
2016: Pentacle Theater
2015: Cooke Stationary Company

Other past winners include:
Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest, Withnell Auto, Oregon State Hospital Replacement Project, The Statesman Journal, Roger Yost (QA and Crowell Ing LLP), Pendleton Woolen Mills, Portland General Electric, Kraft Custom Construction, John Clarke for Pioneer Trust Bank, Salem Electric, Wells Fargo Insurance Service

George Strozut Award for Preservation:
The George Strozut Award of Merit for Preservation was named in honor of a man who served two terms as President of the Marion County Historical Society and advocated for historic preservation for more than forty years. It is awarded in recognition for their many years of advocating for historic preservation.

2017: Mark Fields and Dave Palmquist for Friends of Pioneer Cemetery
2016: Lord and Schryver Conservancy
2015: Kimberli Fitzgerald
2014: Aurora Colony Historical Society

Other past winners include:
Lee Mission Cemetery, The Lord and Schryver Conservancy, The Friends of Bush Gardens, Hazel Patton, Darlene Strozut, Roger & Bonnie Hull, Evangelyn & Lowell Fleetwood- Canyon Life Museum and North Santiam Historical Society

Heritage Center Service Award:
This award combines the MMM Service Award and MCHS Award of Merit. It recognizes meritorious efforts by individuals, groups or organizations in support of the Heritage Center’s mission and vision.

2013: Western Oregon University, History Department
2012: Dave Van Bossuyt (PGE)
2011: Adele Egan
2010: Maureen Thomas and Betty and Bill Charnholm

Other past winners include:
Rebuild Jordan Bridge Committee (Stayton), Greg & Kathleen Collins of the Donald Historical Society, William Lucas, Oregon Department of Transportation, Keizer Heritage Foundation, Pioneer Trust Bank, Max Bibby, Adele Egan, KBZY Radio, The Silverton-Appeal-Tribune, Fidelity National Title/Ticor Title Co., Woodburn Public Library, Statesman Journal, Philip Settecase, Ralph Schlegel, Gloria Ferris, Ed and Marianne Heberlein, Bill Mainwaring, Don Bohnstedt, Holly Miles, Margaret Magone Johnson, and Conrad Harold Stieber.

Previous Awards

Distinguished Board Service Award:
This award recognizes the service of Board members and longtime committee members.

2013: Ed Austin
2012: Paul Connolly
2011: William Mainwaring
2010: The Board members and Committee members of both MMM and MCHS particularly during the merger process.

Other past winners include:
MCHS Publication Committee (Adele Egan, Suzanne Stauss, David Weiss and Sybil Westenhouse); Donald Upjohn, Jr., Adele Egan, MCHS Past Presidents, Ted Dethlefs, Bruce Bjorkman, Egon Bodtker, and Coburn Grabenhorst.