The property that used to be home to the Oregon School for the Blind was acquired by Salem Health and the buildings were slated for destruction.  Salem Health undertook an oral history project to preserve the stories of students, staff and friends of the Oregon School for the Blind.  The full interviews are now housed at the Willamette Heritage Center.  Click here for a list of interviews.  Below are some excerpts from the interviews.

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Oral History Interview Excerpts

Bill Selnes

Bill worked at OSB from 1985-2009.

Don Mitchell

Don was a student at OSB from 1954-1966.

Oregon School for the Blind

Postcard Oregon School for the Blind

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Established in 1872, the Oregon School for the Blind was a state-run, public school serving blind and vision impaired students through residential, day school and part-time enrollment programs.  Classes were held in private homes until 1881, when former Portland mayor Henry Failing donated land for the school.

In 2009, the state eliminated the school’s funding, and made plans to sell the property.  The campus was sold to Salem Health.

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