1892 Map of Salem detail. WHC collections 1986.017.0004.

The 1892 Map of Salem, Oregon published by the Union Abstract Company (WHC 1986.017.0004) gives a detailed overview of the city.  Different additions to the city are portrayed in pastel colors, while black outlines show important public buildings and transportation routes.

The Map – History

The map was drawn in 1892 by draughtsman E. G. Eagleson for the Union Abstract Company.

Digital Access

Owing to limitations in scanning equipment, we have chosen to break the map up into eight quadrants.  Each quadrant is available here as a downloadable PDF:

1A   1B
2A   2B
3A   3B
4A   4B


Partial index to features on the map

Adventist Church 1A; 1B Marion Square 1A; 1B
Baptist Church 1A; 1B Meredith’s Addition 3A
Boise’s First Addition 1A; 1B Mill Addition 1A; 1B
Boise’s Second Addition 1A; 1B Miller’s Mill Creek Rural Home Tracts 2B; 3B; 4B
Brooklyn Addition 2B Nob Hill Addition 3A
Brook’s Addition 1B Nob Hill Annex 2B; 3A
Capital Park Addition 2B North Salem 1A; 1B
Capitol 2A Oakland Park Addition 2B
Captial Home Addition 2B Orchard Co. Addition 1A
Cartwright’s Addition 2A Oregon and California Railroad 1B; 4B
Catholic Church 1B Orphan’s Home 1B; 2B
Center Street Bridge 2A Oxford Addition 2B; 3A; 3B
Central Addition 2B Parrish’s Addition 1A; 1B
Compton’s Addition 1A; 1B Penitentiary 2B; 3B
Condit’s Addition 1B Planing Mill 2A
Congregational Church 1B Pleasant Home Addition 2B; 3A; 3B
Cooke’s Addtion 1A; 1B Presbyterian Church 1B
Cook’s First Addition 2B Public School 1B; 3A
Cottage Street Addition 1A; 1B Queen Ann Addition 2B
Depot Addition 2B; 3A Reed’s Addition 1B; 2B
Ede’s Addtiion 2B River Side Addition 1A; 1B
Electric Car Line 1B; 2B River View Park Addition 1A; 1B
Englewood Addition 1B River View Park Annex 1A; 1B
Evangelical Church 1B Robert’s Addition 2B
F.S. Smith’s Addition 1A; 1B Rosedale Addition 1B
Fairmount Park Addition 3A Simpson’s Addition 2B; 3B
Flouring Mills 1A; 1B; 2A South West Addition 3A
Frickey’s Addition 2B St. Elmo Addition 2B
Frickey’s Railroad Addition 1B State Fair Grounds 1B
Friend’s Polytechnic Institute 1A; 1B State Lands 2B
G.H. Jones Addition 3A Title and Date 1A
Garden Home Tracts 3B; 4B Tuxedo Park Addition 2B; 3A; 3B
Garden Road Tracts 1B Unitarian Church 1B
Glen Oak Addition 1B; 2B University Addition 2B; 3A
High School 1B VanDuyn’s Addition 2B
High School Addition 1B; 2B Waldo’s Addition 2A
Highland Avenue Addition 1A; 1B Waller’s Addition 2B
Hugh Owen’s Addition 3A Water Works 2A
I.O.O.F. 3A Watt’s Addition 2B
Insane Asylum 2B West Salem 1A; 2A
Iron Works 2A Willamette River 1A; 2A; 3A
J. Meyer’s Addition 2B Willamette University 2A; 3A
Knight’s Addition 1B Wilson’s Avenue 2A
Knoshu’s Addtion 2B Yew Park Addition 2B; 3A; 3B
Lee Mission Grounds 1B Yew Park Annex 2B; 3A; 3B