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Nanninga Family, 1949

//Nanninga Family, 1949

Inevitably, every local historical society ends up with materials in their collection with only a passing connection to their geographic location.  Such is the case with this photo.  It was part of a family collection for a woman who ended up in our area (Salem, Oregon), but it appears that the majority of these relatives lived in Kansas.  What’s a museum to do?  Gratuitously post these materials on the internet so that if anyone is looking for them, they can find them.

Photo: Willamette Heritage Center,

Photo: Willamette Heritage Center,

Group portrait of the Nanninga Family taken June 9, 1946.  Left to right are Edward Nanninga, Mrs. T.M. (Emma) Tharpe, Mrs. Henry (Elizabeth) Sand, Mrs. Galena Klager, Mrs. O.N. (Martha) Danielson), Garrelt Reinders Nanninga (father), William George nanninga, Mrs. Fred (Etta) Frita, Mrs. J.H. (Addie) Steinhart, Mrs. S.J. (Anetta) Drew.  A sad note in the caption on the back that the matriarch of the family had passed in 1922, as had three other sons and two other daughters.

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