News from Camp Adair

Echelon newsletter, first published March 19, 1942 at Camp Adair, a military cantonment located about six miles north of Corvallis, Oregon.  The newsletter apparently was organized and published by members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tasked with preparing the camp to become a training ground for four infantry divisions during World War II.

Only two editions of the Echelon were found in the Willamette Heritage Center’s Collections: numbers 1 and 5 ((WHC 0080.008.0014.004.02 – 03).  The last edition we have dates to April 1942.  We have not been able to locate any other extant copies.

Read the Echelon for Yourself

Volume 1, No. 1  March 19, 1942

Volume 1, No. 5, April 1942