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Flax Cultivation and Linen Production

WHC Collections 1998.010.0027

WHC Collections 1998.010.0027

For at least 36,000 years, humans have been utilizing the flax plant (genus Linum) for many applications.  Flax seeds can provide food as well as be processed into linseed oil which is used to treat wood, as a paint base and more.  Its long fibers can be processed and woven into cloth for delicate clothing or twisted into lengths of sturdy twine and fishing nets.

The Mid-Willamette Valley has the climate characteristics necessary to raise the type of flax used for fiber.

WHC Collections Related to Flax and Linen

The Willamette Heritage Center Collections has over 400 items related to Flax and Linen.  This includes everything from actual fiber samples and materials made out of linen to informational bulletins to photographs.

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