Rally held on the steps of the Oregon State Capitol Monday, February 17, 1969. WHC 2006.064.0401.014.02

We came across a great set of images showing members of the Association of Northwest Steelheaders demonstrating in favor of Oregon House Bill 1302, which would go on to make Steelhead Salmon a game species as opposed to one open for commercial harvest.

There was no inscription on this negative strip so we were so grateful for the very detailed signs carried by the demonstrators.  A little newspaper sleuthing led to a description in the Capital Journal‘s sports section that described the rally.  Outdoor Editor Ray Stose wrote in his Febuary 21, 1969 column in the Capital Journal’s sport’s section:

50 people, representatives of chapters of the Association of Northwest Steelheaders, paraded placards in front of the State Capitol building at noon Monday urging the legislature put an end to commercial harvesting of steelhead. The Group met with Governor Tom McCall…The measure he was referring to was House Bill 1302 which, in summary, declares salmo gairdneri, commonly known as steelhead trout, to be a game fish.