Students at Leslie Junior High School, 1939. WHC 2015.023.0001

Students at Leslie Junior High School, 1939. WHC 2015.023.0001

Newspaper Now Online

Online access to archival materials have revolutionized the way we do research.  What often gets lost in the ease of use of digital collections is the cost, both in time and technology, that is required to support digital collections.  As a small, non-profit organization, we have been looking for cost effective ways to make more of our collections accessible to the public.  A few years ago we decided to start a pilot project which would utilize the free blogging platforms to index and digitize a collection of newspapers from a local Junior High School.  Thanks to the dedicated work of our volunteer Lew, the 33 editions of the Leslie Junior High Broadcaster have been scanned and indexed and can be viewed online.  You can access them here.

Our original goal was to try to get volunteers from the community to help us with the transcription.  We have been less than successful with this goal, but are excited about the possibilities having them indexed and online will provide in connecting people with their past.

Leslie Junior High/Middle School History


Leslie Junior High School, c. 1929. WHC 1999.013.0004.

Leslie Junior High School is the city of Salem’s second oldest middle school, after Parrish Middle School.

The school opened at 710 Howard St SE in Salem, Oregon in 1927.  The school was named after Reverend David Leslie, a Methodist Missionary on whose original land claim the school was built.  Leslie Middle School, as it became, moved to a new site at 3850 Pringle Road SE in 1997.