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1871 Salem City Directory

What was Salem Like in 1871?

If you really want to understand a community, a city directory is a good place to start.  In addition to listing of residents and general description of the city, the advertisements alone help paint a picture of daily life.

The 1871 directory is particularly interesting because it contains a lengthy history (written by Lewis Hubbell Judson) of the history of the city from the Methodist Missionary’s arrival on June 1, 1840 at Fort Vancouver to the present.  Judson would have had first hand experience, he had come to Oregon as a missionary himself.

Read the Directory

Click the links below to access a pdf scan of the 1871 Salem City Directory.

1871 Salem City Directory Part 1

1871 Salem City Directory Part 2

1871 Salem City Directory Part 3

1871 Salem City Directory Part 4

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