This unique record book is a ledger listing the deaths of members of the Knights of Pythias Organization in Salem, Oregon. The book, inscribed Centralia Temple #11 from PLE & F Club May 1959, lists the names of the deceased, the date they died, the cemetery they were buried in and when they joined the organization. With one exception the book does not actually include obituaries.

Alphabetical list of people mentioned.

Alferson, Gertrude
Andersen, Peter
Andresen, Mary
Aplin, Mary
Barrick, Leon
Beck, Nina
Bergner, Edna M.
Blanc, Daisy
Borkman, Anna
Bowman, R. O.
Bowman, Vera L.
Briggs, Minnie
Brotherton, Lula
Burk, Earl C.
Burk, Nancy
Cake, W. M.
Callaway, James W.
Calloway, Mamie
Casteel, Lila
Clark, Jesse Arnold
Cummons, Nora
Davies, Alice
Decatur, Doris
Decatur, L. Vernon
Donashoo, Mildred
Duvall, Zoe
Eggleston, Elaine
Elwood, Kenwith
Evans, Harvey E.
Evans, Willow P.
Faxon, Josephine
Fenwick, Bruce
Ferguson, Henretta
Ferrell, Cora
Fowler, Hattie
Fuller, Lula
Gatts, Hubert H.
Gohnke, Mae
Greenwood, Wayne
Griggs, Bertha
Hansen, Andrew
Hansen, Grace
Hansen, Lettie May
Hansen, Maxie
Hansley, Laura
Hayden, Lillian
Hickenhable, Otilla
Hipson, Leonard B.
Hixson, Ozzlo
Jacobsen, Neta
Johnson, Laura
Judson, Donald
Kanna, Juletta
Ketchun, R. D.
Kincaid, Margaret
Kinzer, Pearl
Kixson, Lillian
Knight, Ida M.
Knighten, H. W.
Knighton, Edwin
Knighton, Maggie
Kolsky, Helen
Kramer, Nettie
LaCroix, Augusta
LaRomaine, Minne
Marshall, Mare E.
McClaughy, Mary Worthington
McKinzie, Ora
Miller, Ellis
Muncey, Anna
Murphy, Ethel
Nash, Alice
Norton, Clara
Olson, Clara G.
Olson, Olaf A.
Parmenter, Susie
Peck, Mabel B.
Perry, J. C.
Pogue, Althea
Pugh, Mary
Ratcliff, Mae
Reeder, Rachel E.
Rocafellow, Enid
Romaine, Thomas
Rupp, Alice
Schidel, Karyl
Schultz, Clifford
Sharp, Vena
Shipp, Florence
Simpson, Dorothy
Slater, Carrie J.
Slater, D. P.
Smith, Georgia
Smith, Wanda
Snook, Elsie
Solie, Emma
Stanton, Dora M.
Sturgis, Park
Taylor, Maude L.
Terwelliger, Norma
Terwilliger, G. E.
Thomas, George
Thomas, Grace E.
Thomas, Mary E.
Waring, Flossie
Wilkinson, Grace
Wills, George
Wilson, Harry
Wilson, Mildred
Wyman, Chester
Wyman, May
Wynne, Lillie