We recently uncovered an open letter from Bryan Goodenough to the Salem High School Class of 1917 (X2012.027.0001).  The letter, dated 1961, includes updates on alumni from the class of ’17 and others they may have known at their time at Salem High School.

The following individuals are mentioned:

Barrick, Mary
Boatwright, Rufus
Boufler, Al
Briggs, Merton
Buchner, Dorothy
Buren, Wolcott
Cook, Elmer
Croison, Charllotte
Davis, Harold
Eyre, Winnifred
Goodenough, Bryan
Goodenough, Ellen
Gray, Olga
Greenbaum, Adolph
Hagedorn, Brick
Hayes, Irving
Hayes, Velma
Hoover, Theron
Jones, Reece
Lemmon, Oral
Moore, Royal
Paulus, Bill
Perkins, Ruby
Pierce, Paul
Powers, Glen
Putnam, Rex
Remington, Pauline
Rosenquest, Zeta
Scheffe, Wilhelmina
Snook, Emma
Spaulding, Ila
Steeves, Muriel
Stuart, Curtis
Victor, Mamie
Walker, Doug
Walker, Hugh
Walker, Jim
Walker, Metta
Walker, Stuart
Walling, Gertrude
Zinn, Frank