Working at the Mill

Thomas Kay Woolen Mill Employees. WHC M3 2007-010-0013

The Thomas Kay Woolen Mill operated from 1889 – 1962.  The mill would not have been functional without the hundreds of employees.  While not without industrial hazards, there was a sense of community and camaraderie among workers at this mill — many of whom spent most of their careers here and worked alongside family members through multiple generations.

This page is intended to be a clearinghouse of information on individuals we know to have worked at the Thomas Kay Woolen Mill over its existence.  It will be regularly updated as more information is uncovered.

This site is under construction!  Check back often for updates!

Alphabetical List of Known Employees

  • Heman, George
  • Hall, Ferdig
  • Lehman, Fred
  • Lindgren, John
  • Lowen, Bill
  • Mackie, Ed
  • Noack, George
  • Noack, John
  • Ohmart, Lee
  • Ohmart, Roy
  • Page, Albert
  • Reid, Ed
  • Seamster, Bob
  • Seamster, Hubert
  • Yarnell, Jay